Massage Therapy

The human body craves wholeness, and given the chance the body will do all it can to return to a place of optimal health.


The word "health" comes from the root word HAL which means to be whole or holy. When we call upon the strength of the human spirit to work in unison with our mind and body, wholeness is achieved.


In all it's splendor, the body's inate ability to return to wholeness is a wonder to behold!


When I was young, someone told me "If you do what you love, it will never be work." 

Sat Nam!

I believe Massage Therapy is essential to well being.

To work with each client is a gift. 



Swedish Massage

Myofascial Release

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Christine is currently studying Trager Therapy, Tok Sen and Shamanism.

Christine offers Massage and other modalities at

Chatham Wellness Center 

68 Fayetteville St.

Pittsboro, NC 27312