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SuperHealth-Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for Changing Habits and Addictive Behavior

Christine offers SuperHealth Workshops and Private classes in Chatham County.

Contact her directly for information and questions.


What is SuperHealth?

The SuperHealth mission is to enable a consolidated state of well-being through physical, mental and spiritual healing by relieving the pain of addictive patterning. It is based on the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, known as the yoga of awareness. SuperHealth is the perfect blend of East and West. It combines the ancient wisdom of the East with the sophistication and innovative technology of Western psychology and medicine.

This systemic approach develops greater awareness of the mental and emotional patterns that have contributed to addictive behaviors; the technology is effective in breaking these patterns, leading to greater self-control and self-reliance. We develop an appreciation of our spirituality and are guided to deepen it.


How is 40 Days


SuperHealth is unique. It is a precise science - a simple authentic system that has Kundalini Yoga as its foundation.

SuperHealth focuses on achieving a holistic experience involving body, mind and spirit, addressing root causes, not just symptoms. SuperHealth begins where other modalities leave off. We strive for optimal potential-one's own excellence.

SuperHealth addresses: Nicotine, Eating Disorders, Co-dependency, Technology addiction, Anxiety, Stress, Depression. 

 If substance addictions other than nicotine are present I require that you have been clean and sober for one year and are actively participating in a 12 step recovery program and have a sponsor.  I  teach SuperHealth as an additional recovery path for alcohol and drug use.

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