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Reiki (Ray-key) is an ancient system of natural healing. It's a connection with the ever flowing light energy of the universe.

Rei is the Japanese word which means Universal Power and also refers to the spiritual consciousness and the soul. KI means vital life force energy which flows through, interpenetrates and connects all things. The Chinese call it Chi, the Egyptians call it Ka, to the Hindus it is Prana.

We have seven major energy points in the body called chakras. We also have smaller ones in every joint and along the meridians. The life force energy Ki , that produces the healing, flows through the chakras in the center of the palms and the tips of each finger. It gently aligns and balances the major energy centers in the physical and energy bodies. It is an energy support system that acts in conjunction with all healing practices. 

Reiki gently calms the mind and emotions and provides a positive context for healing. It is a powerful tool for personal growth and awakening to  spiritual aspects of the self. 

Most people find it very peaceful and relaxing , some to the point of  drifting off to sleep. Some feel sensations of heat, coolness, tingling and vibrations. Some see colors, shapes and visions.

You may feel a sense of timelessness and a sense of

oneness with Self.

You may feel nothing at all, but Reiki energy is still at work healing. 
Reiki is for people of all ages, all sizes, all races, all religions, all cultures.

The Usui System of Reiki reawakens and elevates this energy, channeling it from the Universe into oneself or others.

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