Christine Chase
(Sat Parvan Kaur)

Christine's love for yoga began fifteen years ago, her first class deeply resonating within her she began to find a closer connection to herself. Through a steady practice she was captivated by the transformational effects of yoga and meditation. From this experience blossomed a strong desire to share this beautiful philosophy and lifestyle with others through teaching.

Already a Reiki Master and natural healer, she first became certified in Classical Hatha Yoga and worked in a behavioral health unit in a hospital for two years teaching gentle yoga and meditation. During this time a friend and fellow teacher introduced her to Kundalini yoga. It was love at first kriya and she was soon certified in Kundalini Yoga as well as SuperHealth, (a kundalini based yogic science to change addictive behaviors). It was through Kundalini Yoga that Christine was first introduced to the Gong. She studied Sound Healing and through personal experience came a desire to offer Gong Meditations for healing and relaxation.

Christine believes that teaching yoga is the greatest service as it allows each person to find their unique path and live each day in  their greatest creative potential. 

Christine is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist. She enjoys weaving Reiki, Yoga, Breath, Meditation, and Sound into her bodywork sessions creating individual and unique healing  opportunities. 

In her personal life she enjoys writing, horseback riding and dance. She is madly in love with her dogs and everyone else's dogs.

She looks forward to sharing all her offerings with an open heart.