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40 Days

"40 Days"

My New Program tailored to YOU!
It takes 40 days to create change.

I am now offering my 40 day program with one meeting per week for six weeks! 6 sessions instead of 12!
This program is available to everyone.
Below are more additional changes.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Do you desire real change for yourself?
Are you fatigued, tired,  and anxious?
Are you always DOING for others with no time to replenish yourself?

Discover the obstacles that hold you back from experiencing yourself and feeling joy and energy in your life.

We have become a culture of humans doing. Fatigue is the number one complaint for people globally.

Often people attempt to live their lives backward. They try  to HAVE more things, or more money, in order to DO more of what they want, so that they will BE happier.

The way it should work is the reverse.

You must first BE who you are, then DO what you need to do, in order to HAVE what you want.

"We must live inside ourselves before we can live in the world"-John O'Donahue.


To connect us with our BEING.
To help us focus and facilitate our DOING.
To deepen, expand and align our HAVING.

We are in a culture of quick fixes and distractions that not only take us further away from ourselves but deplete us. 

I offer guidance, encouragement and growth in a nurturing process that allows  an opportunity to make changes that create balance, empowerment and joy by cultivating a deeper relationship with yourself.

These are ancient and valuable tools for life. Participation (homework) is required between sessions. You will learn to breathe as never before, developing a true relationship between you and your breath. The quality of the breath is your health. Change is rarely comfortable.


Meditation: to know oneself- separate the ego-self with your authentic self

Therapeutic Bodywork: to connect to the physical body through touch

Reiki: connection to Universal Spirit

Yoga: movement of prana, blood, chi, develop balance, strengthen and increase flexibility of the physical body

Breath-work: to re-capture vitality, cleanse the blood by oxygenating the  body and expelling toxins

Sound Healing: to rejuvenate the nervous systems, change brain waves, restore true relaxation


Solitude : imperative to health, visit yourself daily

Journaling: know yourself through written language 

Nature: our connection and belonging to all that is seen and unseen

Re-capture yourself!

Commitment, Guidance, Exploration, Balance, Empowerment and JOY!!!

It takes 40 days to create change! 
Are you ready?


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